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TREP, the TRansposable Elements Platform

Download TREP data files (Release 19)

The TREP sequence database files can be downloaded in FASTA format for local use. All databases are GNU Zip (gzip, *.gz) compressed to facilitate download.

Non-redundant TREP nucleotide sequences
The non-redundant TREP nucleotide sequence database contains 1,866 sequences: trep-db_nr_Rel-19.fasta.gz
(MD5 sum: 37d9f0e930171ea3828666be35421364)
Complete TREP nucleotide sequences
The complete TREP nucleotide sequence database contains 4,162 sequences: trep-db_complete_Rel-19.fasta.gz
(MD5 sum: 89565b95bdf9beea63010aa26664767f)
Hypothetical TREP protein sequences
There are 800 sequences in the TREP hypothetical proteins database: trep-db_proteins_Rel-19.fasta.gz
(MD5 sum: a4ac10a99916a1a397806bb007304989)