BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation Program (BEI) Module A Beginners: From Scientist to BioEntrepreneur - Creation of a Marketable Product (May-June 19)
Organisers: Prof. Dr. Simon P. Hoerstrup, Prof. Dr. Roger M. Nitsch, Elke Zappe, Dipl. oec. & Dr. Anneke Hibbel / Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IREM)
Date: Wednesday, 29 May & Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 14:00 - 17:30
max. Participants: 30
Location: University of Zurich, Campus Schlieren, IREM 9th floor, FoundersLab
Credit points: 1.0
Costs : free
Priority: none

Switzerland considers itself the global leader of innovation, and Zurich is a dominant innovation hub for the Life Sciences. Many biotech companies are founded by scientists, whose startups often face similar challenges and pitfalls. The „BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation“ (BEI) Program supports aspiring entrepreneurs to soundly prepare and kick-start their spin-offs, taking a hands-on approach.

In Module A, successful BioEntrepreneurs and experts share their startup experiences to guide you towards developing and pitching your own startup idea. These pitches can be further refined in Module B and C.

• Understanding the difference between science, invention, and product
• Finding a team and developing a business idea
• Preparing and presenting your first company pitch
• Testing BioEntrepreneurship as a career option

• By being plunged in at the deep end - guided by central questions provided by us - you will proactively acquire the information you need to develop your company pitch. It is a safe environment; feel free to present your business idea!
• The 3H team strategy for Founders to lead a successful company: Hipster - Hacker - Hustler
• Intellectual property (IP), Finances, Startup planning
• Real life case studies from Switzerland

Course methods:
• Learning by doing: Guided by our team, you will define and learn what you need to know for your pitch
• Team building: Find your team members by speed dating!
• Networking: Presentations by and discussions with experienced, successful BioEntrepreneurs
• Team work: Pitching of your startup idea

Students’ contribution:
• Team building to execute the 3H approach
• Prepare and pitch your entrepreneurial idea and business concept in teams

Founders, industry professionals & serial entrepreneurs in BioTech, MedTech & Pharma

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