Scientific Presentation
Millie Baker /
Date: 6 & 7 August 2019, 09:00 - 17:00
max. Participants: 15
Location: UZH, Irchel Campus, Y10 G 03/04
Credit points: 1.0
Costs : free
Priority: none

Course content:
Do you want to have more confidence and impact in your presentations? Do you want to relax and enjoy presenting your research to your team, in department meetings and at conferences?

This workshop uses a mix of practical exercises, discussion and video feedback to help you strengthen your authentic professional voice and support you to get your message across with confidence and clarity.

• Gain an insight into the subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication, energy management and the balance between internal and external awareness
• Assess your own presentation strengths and weaknesses and try out new or more successful communication strategies where appropriate
• Develop a critical awareness of effective presentation style to give and receive constructive feedback
• Build on and practice the English language of presentation
• Learn strategies for dealing with unexpected or difficult situations, e.g. answering questions, technical problems, audience hostility
• Design and use PowerPoint slides more effectively
• Develop confidence and enjoyment in public speaking

Participants are required to send a short slide presentation (5-10 min.) related to their area of study 2 weeks before the course begins.

About Millie Baker:
Millie designs and runs interactive workshops for researchers and academics across the disciplines, specializing in the areas of public speaking, presentation, and speaking with confidence. Her courses are currently run in various scientific research centres, and at Universities in Berlin, Boston, Dresden, Frankfurt, Konstanz, Hannover, Heidelberg, Mainz, Mannheim, Vienna, and Zürich.

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