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TREP, the TRansposable Elements Platform


The TREP database was initiated in 2002 by Beat Keller, Jorge Dubcovsy, Dave Matthews and Thomas Wicker as a database of Triticeae genomic repeat sequences.

Many researchers have contributed sequences over the years: Caldwell K, Cenci A, Chantret N, Cloutier S, Cossu R, Dubcovsky J, Dunford R, Ferrer E, Flavell AJ, GenBank, Heslop-Harrison JS, Hudakova S, Kalendar R, Laurie D, Li W, Lyons M, Muniz LM, Pedersen C, Pourkheirandish M, PlantSat, Qiang Y, Roeder M, SanMiguel PJ, Tsujimoto H, Wicker T, Wise RP.