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TREP, the TRansposable Elements Platform


Following is a list of links related to the topic of repetitive DNA in plant genomes.

PlantSat Database
The PlantSat database is a database of compiled plant satellite DNA sequences retrieved from public databanks (GenBank, EMBL) or from scientific papers.
Rice TE Database
The Rice TE Database at Arizona Genomics Institute comprises repeat sequences and TEs of several species of the Oryza (rice) genus, and the closely related Leersia perrieri.
PGSB Repeat Element Database (PGSB-REdat) and Catalog (PGSB-REcat)
PGSB-REdat is a compilation of publicly available plant repeat sequences from various sources, expanded with de novo detected LTR-retrotransposon sequences. The current public version PGSB-REdat_v9.3p has a size of ~450 Mb and contains ~62.000 sequences.
Plant Repeat Databases at Michigan State University
The Plant Repeat Databases at MSU was created to assist in the compilation and identification of repeat sequences in plant genomes.
Repbase Update (RU)
Repbase Update (RU) is a database of prototypic sequences representing repetitive DNA from different eukaryotic genomes.